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Cloud Communications and Collaboration solutions for your team to stay connected with customers, partners, and each other.

Far beyond just taking calls, your team needs to collaborate and exchange information faster than ever before. Traditional telecom infrastructure isn’t built to support the constant connectivity and productivity that these modern businesses demand. TPx delivers unified communications and collaboration services in the cloud, giving you and your team the flexibility to stay connected to your business however you choose. We unleash your productivity with a full range of advanced cloud phone services and functionality, combined with the benefits of outsourcing the management of your systems.

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Unified Communications

Beyond Hosted PBX: Unleash the Power of Unified Communications as a Service

UCx is built on the high-quality VoIP service that TPx is known for – but it’s far more than a business phone system. With the UCx desktop and mobile apps, you can call, chat, video conference, and start interactive online meetings from anywhere.

Let’s Put UCaaS to Work

Welcome to today’s office – which might not be in the office after all. UCx will re-energize your work day with collaboration and connection wherever you are.


HD Voice Calling

Place and receive calls on your computer, desk phone, mobile phone, or tablet using your business phone number. Seamlessly move calls between devices.


HD Video Calling

Instantly launch a video conference with up to 15 people, using the camera you already have on your device


Chat and SMS Messaging

When you can't talk, send a quick chat or text message to stay connected no matter where you are. UCx chat also has built-in file transfer so you can instantly share your work.


Virtual Meeting Rooms

My Room is your own virtual meeting space where you and your team can meet at any time for a productive collaboration session.


Screen Sharing

In the UCx desktop app (PC & Mac), you're just two clicks away from sharing your screen - no need to launch a separate web conferencing app.


Call and Message History

Missed a call or chat? No worries! UCx keeps your call history, chat history, and voicemail box all together in one place.


Work from Anywhere

With the UCx app on your smartphone or tablet, your office is with you wherever you go. What's more, you'll keep your personal mobile number private when placing business calls.



UCx seamlessly integrates with many third-party applications and services to help streamline your business processes.

Contact Center


Enhance and streamline your customer’s experience with our advanced cloud contact center platform.

Our UCx Contact Center delivers a seamless experience for both your employees and your customers. UCx-CC is an all-in-one contact center solution that’s purpose-built with the innovation, flexibility, and agility your business needs to compete and win.

UCx-CC was specifically designed and built as a cloud-based solution to bring you full security, visibility, flexibility, and scalability. Plus, it’s all backed by the industry-leading commitment to service quality that TPx is known for.

Voice Service

Each UCx-CC agent gets our UCx Basic user bundle for voice and video calling, at no additional charge.


Web Portal Interface

The UCx Contact Center web portal is the agent's one-stop-shop to take calls, enter wrap-up codes, consult a supervisor and much more.

Customizable Call Routing

Use our drag-and-drop call flow builder to configure routing exactly the way you want - including auto attendant menus, skills-based routing, scheduling, greetings and more.

Audio Call Backs

Let your customer go on with their day without having to wait on hold. The caller can enter their phone number and receive a call back when an agent becomes available.

Supervisor Dashboard

Presents supervisors with an intuitive real-time view of all calls and agents. The dashboard also shows a historical snapshot for the past few hours, providing insight on recent trends.


Dynamic Reporting

Supervisors can run and schedule reports based on specific queues, agents, teams, entry points and more. Reports are customizable and exportable.

Call Monitoring

Supervisors can monitor calls for their team, the queue, or a specific agent; then either escalate to a Whisper Coaching mode or fully barge-in on the monitored call.

Call Recording

Supervisors can record calls for agents and/or queues. Call recording can range from all-day/every-day to a percentage of calls, specific days or any combination thereof.

Outbound Dialing

Agents can manually place outbound calls on behalf of the queue.

Wrap-up and Idle Codes

Agents can set their status or specify a code for the resolution of a given call. All codes are pre-defined by the supervisor.

Managed IT Services

Managed services to enhance your IT support for security, performance and peace of mind

MSx Managed IT Services from TPx give you the support you need for your critical IT systems without the cost and hassle of doing it all in-house.

With MSx, we’ve bundled all of the essential building blocks of IT system management into one easy-to-manage program. Our IT experts will monitor your critical systems 24/7/365 and respond immediately to any issues you may have, freeing you up to focus on your core business objectives.

Let’s take the guesswork out of establishing your IT support budget. MSx is a subscription service, with one monthly charge covering a wide range of tasks. What’s more, there are no surprise fees – there is a service level for every IT need.

MSx is completely customizable to your unique business requirements – no “one size fits all” plans. You can mix and match from our comprehensive MSx services.

Managed SD-WAN

Security and QoS over any connection with Managed SD-WAN

WAN management is a complex process. While an SD-WAN can simplify hybrid WAN deployments, it involves deploying and managing network services for a variety of applications, distributed in different IT environments and across geographic locations. A do-it-yourself SD-WAN can be daunting when it involves multiple transport and access providers.


Managed SD-WAN Features and Benefits

Any Network

Flexibility to leverage any available Internet access regardless of service provider.

Nationwide Availability

Option to “bring your own bandwidth” allows for national off-net connectivity.

Quality Performance

We provide QoS over any network — no “best effort” here.

Secure Connectivity

MPLS traffic encrypted with VPN access to our MPLS network

Cloud VPN

Dynamic edge-to edge communication via IPSec VPN connectivity.

Application Aware/Smart QoS

Customized prioritization of key application data traffic.

WAN Optimization

Forward Error Correction (FEC) improves circuit performance, reducing jitter and packet loss.

UCx/SIP Over the Top (OTT)

All voice traffic has a high priority policy so that it doesn’t compete with public Internet traffic.

Flexible Continuity Options

In the event of an unplanned circuit outage, failover is bi-directional; both circuits back each other up. And third circuit option for ultra-reliability.

Multi-Circuit Connectivity & Continuity

Use transport provided by TPx or your local Internet provider to securely and seamlessly failover to any or all of our core services — MPLS, SmartVoice, Internet and UCx.

4G LTE Connectivity & Continuity

4G LTE as primary, secondary and redundant options to reduce or eliminate the need for wireline connectivity.

Inbound Failover

Public IPs are assigned between the TPx core network and the SD-WAN Gateway. These support inbound Internet failover for Remote Users/VPN and Web Servers.

Managed Datacenters

Get industry-leading performance, reliability and security with MSx managed datacenter solutions from TPx.

Maintaining data security and availability is a top priority for businesses today. MSx Managed Datacenters keep your company’s data safe and available by taking advantage of the reliability, security, and power redundancy that have been engineered into TPx’s fault-tolerant, high-availability SSAE 18 datacenter infrastructure.

Maximized Uptime

Keep your business-critical applications accessible. TPx has physically redundant fiber optic and network paths from multiple network carriers terminating at our datacenter, which guarantees a minimum of 99.99% network availability.

Remote Hands

If your primary technical resources are remotely located an hour or more away, it helps to know our ‘warm hands’ live support includes power cycle/re-boot and reading monitor displays connected to your equipment.

Secure Facility

All critical infrastructure — power access, cooling, and data paths — have N+1 redundancy.


Eliminates the need for you to build and maintain your own infrastructure.

Lower Cost of Voice and Data

Get access to TPx’s voice and data network services at reduced rates by not requiring local loops.

Better Bandwidth

Access to high capacity Internet and MPLS networking using TPx’s or another provider's network.

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